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Rowan Class

Welcome to Rowan Class 2019-20

A class of Year 4 and Year 5 children


Rowan Class is a group of 31 Year 4 and Year 5 children led by a hardworking team of Mrs Hayes and Mrs Osborne. We study Writing, Spellings, Reading and Maths during the morning and explore a range of topics and subjects including Geography, History, Science, French, Art, ICT and PE in the afternoon. 




Keep checking the twitter account, news feed and class web page for updates of what we have been up to this year!



Welcome back to a brand new academic year.  Please check out the class newsletter below  which hopefully will answer many of your questions.  


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Reading - Many of the children are close to or are already FREE READERS. Those that are have a Green Book Review booklet which they need to complete after each book they read.  The idea is that they read longer, thicker books that are read over a period of time rather than the shorter banded books. There is a sheet stuck inside to help us monitor children are also reading a selection of Fiction, Non Fiction and Poetry books. Children need to tick the genre off as they complete a book. Children who are free readers will be listened to read through our guided reading sessions as they are now concentrating on the reading comprehension skills as they have all the skills needed to read aloud.  We will still continue to develop expression and fluency within reading in these sessions. Please continue to listen to your child at home and date and sign the yellow reading record.  


For those children still within the coloured book bands Mrs Osborne or myself will try to hear your child each week on a 1:1 basis as well as also taking part in guided reading sessions.  The final levels are White and Lime band. Children need to be able to read these books with some level of fluency and expression and decode at least 90% of words.  It is not as simple as just reading all the books on that level in school and children will pass through these bands at differing speeds.  It is important to listen to your child a few times a week as all children should be a free reader by the end of Year 3 and the little and often approach will help this the most.  Please sign and date the yellow reading record each time you hear your child.


All children need to ensure that their YELLOW reading records are in school at all times as we use them for reading and spelling lessons daily.


Spelling - Spellings are taught daily during the morning for 30 minutes.  Across KS2 we have the same approach and timetable as below.


Our spelling week in KS2:


Monday - exploring words with a similar sound or spelling - writing them out and exploring a selection of words . Sticking spelling list in reading record.


Tuesday - dictionary skills and writing definitions of the word including which word class they are from.


Wednesday - writing the word in context - using the word correctly within a sentence, especially important within homophones (words that sound the same with different meanings: here/hear). 


Thursday & Friday: Spelling games, personal spelling list - children enter any words they have spelt incorrectly during the week into their yellow reading records.










Homework expectations in Y4/5:


  • Try and earn a weekly mathletics certificate (Mon - Sun) - you need 1000 points.  You can only earn one certificate however many points you earn (eg you cannot earn two certificates for 2000 points). 
  • Home reading - listen to children read, ask questions about what they have read and note down very simply in their yellow reading record. 

Parents and Guardians -  Please feel free to contact me in the usual way, just before or just after the school day. If this is not appropriate then you can make an appointment at the School Office.