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I hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays, at least the weather has been fabulous even if we have been a bit house-bound!


Just a reminder that all work will now be posted on Google Classroom. I'm delighted that nearly everyone has managed to log onto the Class page and some of you have been chatting away already! If anyone is still missing their login details then a quick email or phone call to the school office might help.


Work begins from 8.30am on Monday - just for those early birds amongst you! Until then, take care smiley

Mathletics Certificates - 2nd April

Thursday 2nd April


Hello again Maple! We are now up and running on Google Classroom, so please check Parentmail for your login details and get yourself added to Maple as soon as you can! We are hoping to have a class chat (and maybe do the register wink) at 4pm today.


In the meantime, I hope everyone is still keeping well and safe. I am about to upload the latest Mathletics certificates (I will put them on here and on Google Classroom) and will be gradually posting less here and more there - it has been lovely to chat to you after 2 weeks' silence!


Prodigy news... Max B has stormed into a commanding lead now, followed by Ethan and Charlie respectively. Molly-Mai and Morwenna are holding on after that.. but quite a number of you haven't registered on the scoreboard. In these strange times I don't expect anything to be 'normal' but just remember Prodigy is there if you should want or be able tp stretch your Maths brains for a while. 


Missing you all very much and looking forward to a good chat on Google Classroom soon - I won't be asking what homework you have done (although we will work out a way for you to send me whatever you want me to see!) but would rather know that you are safe, well and have been behaving!


Take care everyone,


Mrs Aldred

Weds 1st April

Happy April Fool's Day! I hope you haven't been playing too many pranks this morning.


Prodigy news: The top 3 slots at the moment are filled by:   Max B, Molly-Mai and Charlie yes Welcome on board Charlie and fantastic work Max, I do believe you've only got one question wrong so far this week!!!

Dreamscape - not so many of you competing on this, but well done Ella for your consistency. Superb effort!


Your Maths lesson today is about using a protractor. If you haven't got one at home, answer the questions you can and for the measuring ones just estimate the size of the angle to the nearest 5 degrees. Use your rounding skills to check your answers.


I read through my instructions for setting up Google classroom yesterday so my homework today is to get on and have a go!! Hopefully you will get logon details via Parentmail in the next few days and then we will see how we get on - I am looking forward to hearing back from you as I have no idea if anyone is reading what I put on here frown If any of you do not get a Parentmail by Monday, I'd suggest a quick email to school to see if you can get hold of yours that way. 


That's all for now - keep your fingers crossed I can get to grips with my homework!

*** Update!!! Pleased to announce I managed to complete my homework!! A welcome message awaits you on Google Classroom, a message is scheduled to arrive there first thing tomorrow and your Easter project extravaganza will (hopefully) be appearing on Monday morning. I even got a message through from Theo - looking forwards to hearing from the rest of you now!  


Take care everyone,


Mrs Aldred smiley

Mathletics Certificates 30th March

Bo - he’s getting bigger!

Monday 30th March

 Prodigy news... last week’s peak day was Wednesday, with nearly 400 questions completed. Well done everyone!

Today’s top players (so far!) are Freya, Max B and Ellie πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† Keep going!

Mathletics certificates will be uploaded at 4pm so there is still time to get yours if you haven’t yet - let’s aim for twice weekly, Mondays and Thursdays.

*Edit... nearly 4pm now - those certificates are about to upload!


We are heading out for our daily walk shortly, wave if you spot us! Bo would love to see you - from a safe distance. 

*Edit... well we didn't spot any of you but we did catch up with Will SA - nice to see him!


Hopefully you've all had a look at today's Maths lesson (find it at..)  and now know a bit about scale factors.


Take care, 

Mrs Aldred

Friday 27th March


Prodigy top 3 are now: Morwenna, Molly-Mai and Kennedy. I think I will be publishing logins again on here just in case those of you not playing have lost yours.... Remember to go to to login. 


Good to see some new Mathletics certificates being earned too - awesome work Maple!! I will put them up on Monday, so you still have time to add more points wink


Work for next week is now available on the Home Learning page - for Maths don't forget to go to  I hope you have had a look at the ratio lessons there already - if not, try to go through as much as you can by Monday in case they delete them to put up the next 5 days' work.


Make sure you are getting your daily exercise - get out and enjoy the sunshine!! Stay safe smiley


Mrs Aldred










Mathletics certificates - well done!!

Wednesday 25th March


Prodigy STAR players so far: my top two are Freya and Kennedy. Well done girls!

Keep logging on to play...

** EDIT.... well done Ethan, edging into second place! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†


**** 2nd EDIT.... awesome work Ella and Max C πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ who’ve achieved 100% scores! Also to all who have worked hard today - good to see fab scores from Ellie, Martha, Molly-Mai and Morwenna πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


There are tasks set on Mathletics too! Plenty to keep you busy πŸ˜‰


I wonder how many of you can keep up with Joe Wicks tomorrow morning at 9am?

Tuesday 24th March


I hope you are all keeping going with Prodigy gaming to keep your Maths skills sharp! I checked all your passwords yesterday and they are all correct; you are all now linked into my class so I can see what you have been doing! 


Stay safe, 

Mrs Aldred

Class novel (of sorts!)


Log onto:


and find 'Riley Mack and the Other Known Troublemakers'


Listen away! What do you think of this?


Mothering Sunday - Sunday 22nd March


What can you do to show your Mum (and any other special lady in your life!) your appreciation of everything she does for you? Have a look at this and get cracking... and be imaginative!


  1. Make a card. A really lovely, beautiful one. And write something nice in it.
  2. Flowers. Buy them, draw them, paint them, get some seeds to plant. 
  3. Write a poem all about her. Draw pictures too.
  4. Help her relax. Run her a bath, make her a cup of tea, make breakfast in bed, put Mum in charge of the TV remote all day, read her a story, or just promise to be quiet for a whole hour. Maybe more? 
  5. Be nice to her. No arguing, no shouting, no asking constant questions. Do what she wants you to do and do it straight away. All day.
  6. Smile. Hug. Talk to her. Thank her. Enjoy spending time together and let her know that you are enjoying it.
  7. Tidy your bedroom without being asked. Do any/all of the things she is always asking you to do - without being asked. Don't even tell her you have done them - give her a surprise.
  8. Best of all - keep doing all these things. Your Mum is special every day of every month of every year.


   - i bet if your Mum has a great Mother's Day, you will too. Have a lovely weekend & keep safe!


       Mrs Aldred

Daily challenge... Friday 20th March.


Welcome to Maple Class.

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