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Early Years Entitlement

Early Years Entitlement


From 1st September 2017 the Government is increasing funding entitlement for 3 & 4 year olds to 30 hours per week (maximum of 10 hours per day) equating to £1140 per annum.


We are, therefore, able to offer your child 30 hours per week of Early Years Entitlement funding for your child to attend Fledglings, but you need to meet the following criteria to enable you to claim:-


Each parent earns or expects to earn the equivalent to 16 hours a week at the National Minimum or Living Wage over the coming 3 months. This equates to £120 per week (or about £6000) for each parent over 25 years of age or £112.80 per week (or about £5800) for each parent between 21 and 24 years of age and £56 per week for apprentices in their first year.


We accept two year old funding for up to 15 hours per week subject to eligibility


Please speak to Rebecca in Fledglings about how you can claim your code to claim this additional funding.


Funding for 2 Year Olds


Depending on your personal circumstances, your child may be entitled to 2 year-old funding. If your child is eligible, this funding can be used in the same way as the 3 year-old Nursery Education Funding with 15 hours a week free nursery education for 38 weeks of the year.


For more information on funding for 2 year-olds, please have a look at

The -for-childcare/funding-for-2-year-olds/ to find out if you are eligible. If so you can apply online here: or call 0845 345 9122 for an application form.



Spring (1st January - 31st March)

Summer (1st April - 31st August)

Autumn (1st September – 31st December)


You can use your hours in two different settings but it is important that we are made aware of this for when we claim the funded hours.


You do not need to apply for the 15 hours of 3-4 year old funding, we will claim on your behalf and the money is sent straight to us. You can find more info about Early Years provision in Somerset here: 


Tax Free Childcare, Tax Credits and other Childcare Choices


There are a number of new childcare options for parents. If you are working you may be eligible for tax-free childcare, 30 hours of funding or tax credits towards the cost of your childcare. The governments Childcare Choices gives a clear description of the options with tools for application: 


You can find out about what childcare options are available locally and apply for funding on the Somerset.Gov website:

Fledglings Prices for 3/4 Year Olds