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Hazel Class

Welcome to Hazel Class



Hazel Class is a group of 32 Year 4 children led by the hardworking team of Mrs Burland and Miss Cobb.


During the day, we study English, mathematics, a range of topics and subjects including geography, history, science, RE, PSHE, French, art, ICT, music and PE. 


Our current topic is 'The Stone Age to Iron Age'.






Our spelling week in KS2:


Monday - Learning the spelling rules for that week, writing them out and exploring a selection of words including some of those from the Y3/Y4 government spelling list (see below).


Tuesday - Dictionary skills and writing definitions of the word including which word class they are from.


Wednesday - Writing the word in context - using the word correctly within a sentence; this is especially important within homophones (words that sound the same with different meanings, e.g. here/hear). 


Thursday & Friday: Spelling games, personal spelling list - children enter any words they have spelt incorrectly during the week into their yellow reading records, they practise these words and any they may have left over from Year 2 (the slips of paper stapled into the children's reading record).  



Tests in school:


Half termly - A quick test of approx 20 words picked out from all the words learned that half term.


Year 3/Year 4 spelling words: See below for the government list of words for Year 3 & Year 4. All children have these in the back of their English book. These only make up some of the words we learn throughout these two years.  

Other information:

PE kits - PE will usually be on a Monday and Wednesday. Children need labelled kit and fitting shoes as feet grow at extraordinary rates, trousers are also fine during winter months as we may still be outside. 


Appointments: If you wish to speak to me please try and make an appointment.  I do my best to be available at all times though I often have meetings after school on alternate Mondays and every Tuesday. 


Performances: We will be having our LKS2 Christmas Carol Concert during the final week of term (provisionally the final Thursday but tbc). 


Workload:  I have an expectation of work that children should complete and effort made during a lesson.  Miss Rowland also has good knowledge of those in her class last year.  If a child is deemed to not put in the effort into a lesson they may have to complete work either in time out or the work could be sent home. 


Clothing: Please ensure all jumpers, coats, water bottles and fruit snack boxes are clearly labelled as this saves us vital time and should ensure that if things are left lying around they eventually return to us.

Y3 and Y4 Spelling Words



Parents and Guardians -  Please feel free to contact me in the usual way, just after or if really urgent, just before the school day. If this is not appropriate, then you can make an appointment at the school office.