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Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class


Oak Class is a reception class.  Miss Hill and Mrs Hathaway are the teachers and Mrs Greaves is the assistant.



Medium Term Planning

The children have been enjoying a lovely Spring Term so far, exploring our Colours and Patterns theme!

The children are always impressing us with their writing ability and their mathematics skills!

It has been lovely to see some of our parents using our Wow Board in the cloakroom! If your child has done anything extraordinary that you are really proud of, please do add a wow moment for us to see! 

Colour Collector Poem

Colour Collector Poem 1
Colour Collector Poem 2
Colour Collector Poem 3
Colour Collector Poem 4

The children loved exploring the Colour Collector Poem. They then had a go at writing their own poems and even making some of them rhyme!


Plants 1
Plants 2
Plants 3
The children have loved planting their own Sunflower Seeds. We have learn't what plants need to grow, and have also started labelling the parts of a plant. The children are enjoying measuring their own Sunflowers too!


Patterns 1
Patterns 2
Patterns 3
In our free play the children have loved exploring the geoboards, creating their own patterns, or following guides to create a pattern!