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Homework expectations in Y3:


  • Complete the self led project for that term (eg Autumn term = related to the Ancient Greeks).
  • Try and earn a weekly mathletics certificate (Mon - Sun) - you need 1000 points.  You can only earn one certificate however many points you earn (eg you cannot earn two certificates for 2000 points). Class graph to see who will reach 20 certificates this academic year first and certificates are printed off in school for all to see.
  • Times tables / addition and subtraction mental facts - try and use hit the button or Mathletics live to keep these facts up to speed.  Children should be able to recall addition and subtraction facts within 20 with ease and the times tables for x2, x5 and x10 by the end of Y2 so that we can concentrate this year on facts within 100 (eg what goes with 29 to make 100?) and the x3, x4, x8 and related division facts and all times tables in Year 4.
  • Home reading - listen to children read, ask questions about what they have read and note down very simply in their yellow reading record. 
  • Spellings -  Spellings learnt in class are taught discreetly within a daily spelling session and we will test them at the end of each half term on a selection of these.