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Cheddar Gorge and Caves


Sycamore Class thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Cheddar to explore the gorge and caves. We visited as our topic this term is Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Whilst there, we explored the museum of pre-history; had a talk from a hunter-gatherer; explored Gough's Cave and learnt about 'Cheddar Man'. We had a fun day and learnt an awful lot about this period of time. Sycamore are now looking forward to exploring this topic more when we get back into the classroom. Below are some photographs from the day.

Fairground Rides


As part of our whole-school topic on Victorians, Sycamore Class have been looking at the creation of fairground rides and have applied what they learnt to their own fairground rides! During Design and technology lessons, the class explored, designed and created their own fairground rides using a very intricate pulley system.


Every ride was a success and every group managed to get theirs to rotate, just like a real fairground ride! Take a look below at some of their finished rides.

Pasta Bridges!


As part of our new whole school topic Victorian Innovation, Sycamore Class have been looking at Isambard Kingdom Brunel. As we have learnt, he was a fantastic engineer who pioneered many different things during his life. We began looking at the bridges he helped design, including the Clifton Suspension Bridge. The children then looked at differnet types of bridges, including arch bridges, beam bridges, cantilever bridges and suspension bridges. Sycamore Class were tasked with designing and building their own bridges, based on Brunel's many different designs, out of spaghetti and marshmallows . Below are some of their successful designs!


Roman Villa D.T. Project


At the end of the Autumn Term, Sycamore Class put their D.T. skills into practice and were asked to design and make Roman Villas. Look at the fantastic results below. 



Our Trip to Bath


As our topic this year has been 'Our World', Year 6 have been looking at The Romans. Sycamore class were lucky enough to visit The Roman Baths in Bath. We all had a fantastic time which involved walking on the cobbled flooring that Romans once walked on, wearing robes and stollas, writing in Latin on wax tablets, drinking natural spring water and lots more. A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all! Below are a small amount of photographs from the day.







Roman Mosaics


As part of our Roman topic, Sycamore have been designing and creating their own mosaics. Below is a selection of some of the finished products.