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Sycamore have been programming and coding using the computer programme Scratch. Take a look below to see them hard at work!


Circuits & Fitness


Throughout this term, Sycamore Class have been doing fitness through circuit training with Mr Boult. Below are some photographs of the tricky activities they have been participating in. I don't know about you but I'm glad it's not me doing this!

Romero Britto


Sycamore Class have been looking at the artwork of Romero Britto. Britto is a Brazilian Neo-Pop Artist. He was born in Recife in East Brazil in 1963. He is very famous for his bright and bold colourful paintings and prints. A lot of people enjoy Romero's artwork (including famous people) and global companies such as Disney, LG, Mini & O2 have paid Romero to create paintings, portraits & sculptures!

After looking and discussing his artwork, Sycamore created some flowers in a similar style to Romero, focusing on the vibrant patterns. Next, Sycamore created their self-portraits in this style. They had to trace over a photograph of their faces so that the portraits were as realistic as possible - the results were fantastic! Please look below at examples of Romero's work but more importantly, Sycamore's attempt at recreating this...enjoy!

Kingsmead Sports Festival


During the sports festival at Kingsmead, we took part in 5 different activities. One activity was basketball which required good hand-eye coordination, as well as the ability to dribble the ball whilst moving. The next activity was tug of war and we were impressed with how strong our children were! Another activity was rowing and we did this on a rowing machine, taking turns in a relay-style event! We also tried sit-down volleyball which was great fun, despite the fact that it involved no moving around! The last activity was ultimate frisbee which was also great fun! All in all, we had a great day and we would like to thank the young leaders in Year 9 who did a fabulous job all morning.



Sycamore have been looking at the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. After some background information, the children were told a story of a young boy named Hugo in a concentration camp during the second world war. He was feeling very low at the end of the story and his father aid some remarkable words that always stayed with Hugo. He said "You can live for over a week without food. You can even live a few days without any water but you can't live longer than three minutes without hope". Very powerful words indeed! Sycamore discussed the meaning of this and the importance of hope - see below.

Picture 1
Picture 2


In PSHE, the children have been learning about the value of money. They had to use their maths skills to order essential classroom equipment with a budget of only £100. They found it very tricky but adopted great skills in looking for bargains AND, more importantly, they know how much the stationery costs if they break it!