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Mr Wallace's Weekly Wacky Wednesday Wow Word

Every week, children in Sycamore class are given new vocabulary to use within their sentences in the form of Mr Wallace's Weekly Wacky Wednesday Wow Word. This takes place, as you've probably guessed already, on a Wednesday during their English lesson. This page shares some of the best sentences created by pupils in the class.

This week's (16/12/15) Wow word was 'ascertain'. Ascertain is a verb that means to find something out or to discover something. Jacob won the coveted 'Best Sentence' award and this was his sentence:


Captain John Brooklyn was jovially sauntering on the island with Captain Hook, trying to ascertain where the treasure was.


I really like how he has used previous Wow words - well done Jacob!

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This week's (30th November) Wow word is 'petulant'. The word is an adjective meaning childish behaviour; bad tempered; acting sulkily. Jack won the 'Best Sentence' award with this sentence:


Superman acted petulantly: rolling, screaming and crying while a villain jovially sauntered into the bank with bags, then came out with them filled with money and jovially sped off in his car.


I really like how Jack has used a colon and how he changed the adjective form (petulant) into the adverbial form (petulantly). Well done Jack!


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