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Week Beginning: Monday 30th April

Maths CGP: Measures

Foundation - pp6-7, pp34-35

Standard - pp26-27; 48-49

Advanced - pp31-32; pp46-47

Due: Wednesday 9th May


Week Beginning: Monday 23rd April

Maths CGP: Measures

Foundation - pp51-53

Standard - pp51-53

Advanced - pp51-54

Due: Tuesday 1st May


Week Beginning: Monday 16th April

Maths CGP: Co-ordinates

Foundation - p76-77

Standard - p70-71

Advanced - pp72-73

Due in: Tuesday 24th April


Week Beginning: Monday 9th April

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p66-67

Standard - p62-63

Advanced - p60-61

Due in: Tuesday 17th April


Week Beginning: Monday 12th March

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p63

Standard - p46-47

Advanced - p40-41

Due in: Tuesday 20th March


Week Beginning: Monday 5th March

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p48-49

Standard - p44-45

Advanced - p44-45

Due in: Tuesday 13th March


Week Beginning: Monday 26th Feb

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p47

Standard - p38-39

Advanced - p38-39

Due in: Tuesday 6th March


Week Beginning: Monday 19th Feb

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p45-46

Standard - p36-37

Advanced - p29-30

Due in: Tuesday 27th February


Week Beginning: Monday 5th Feb

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p61-62

Standard - p56-57

Advanced - p55-56

Due in: Tuesday 20th February


Week Beginning: Monday 31st January

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p41-42

Standard - p35

Advanced - p28

Due in: Tuesday 6th February


Week Beginning: Monday 15th January

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p39-40

Standard - p28-29

Advanced - sheet

Due in: Tuesday 23rd January


Week Beginning: Tuesday 9th January

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p38

Standard - p32

Advanced - p25

Due in: Tuesday 16th January


Week Beginning: Monday 11th December

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p36-37 and 43-44

Standard - p30-31 and 33-34

Advanced - p23-24 and 26-27

Due in: Tuesday 19th December


Week Beginning: Monday 4th December

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p36

Standard - p22

Advanced - p18-19

Due in: Tuesday 12th December


Week Beginning: Monday 27th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p28-29

Standard - pp20-21

Advanced - p16-17

Due in: Tuesday 5th December


Week Beginning: Monday 20th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p26-27

Standard - pp18-19

Advanced - p14-15

Due in: Tuesday 28th November


Week Beginning: Monday 13th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p25

Standard - pp17

Advanced - p13

Due in: Tuesday 21st November


Week Beginning: Monday 6th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p24

Standard - pp16

Advanced - p12

Due in: Tuesday 14th November


Week Beginning: Monday 30th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - pp32-33

Standard - pp24-25

Advanced - p20-21

Due in: Tuesday 7th November


Week Beginning: Monday 16th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - pp18-19

Standard - pp14-15

Advanced - pp82-83 (Mean Averages)

Due in: Tuesday 31st October


Week Beginning: Monday 9th October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - pp10-11

Standard - pp8-9

Advanced - pp8-9

Due in: Tuesday 17th October


Week Beginning: Monday 2nd October

Maths CGP:

Foundation - p12

Standard - p10

Advanced - Sheet in book

Due in: Tuesday 10th October


Week Beginning: Monday 25th September

Maths CGP:

Foundation - pp13, 14 and 15

Standard - pp11-12

Advanced - Sheet in Red Book

Due in: Tuesday 3rd October


Week Beginning: Monday 18th September

Maths CGP:

Foundation - pp16-17

Standard - p13

Advanced - pp10-11

Due in: Tuesday 26th September


Week Beginning: Monday 11th September

Maths CGP:

Foundation - pp8-9

Standard - pp6-7

Advanced - pp6-7

Due in: Tuesday 19th September