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Wolf Brother Freeze Frames



In English, we have been looking at Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. The main character Torak has been left an orphan after his dad was killed by a possessed bear. He has befriended a wolf cub, but during chapter 7, they have been captured by another clan. Torak's father, Fa, had always warned him to stay away from man.

Sycamore spent time looking at chapter 7 in detail, and especially the relationships between these new characters. Below are pictures of some groups representing the different characters and their relationships with each other.


Charles Dickens Hot-Seating


Sycamore Class have been looking at the life of Charles Dickens and will be using formal and impersonal language to write his biography. To learn more about him and to gauge how he may have felt at different times in his life, the pupils used 'hot-seating' to ask each other questions about his life and times. Pupils did a great job and this will help when writing their biographies later this week!

Report Writing -Victorians


As our new topic is Victorian Inventors and Inventions, Sycamore began the term by analysing numerous reports and especially the formal, impersonal style of these. Sycamore then recreated this with an emphasis on the Victorian era. Below are some fantastic reports written by Lorna and Leo. Take a look and see what you think! 

The Roman Mysteries

Thieves of Ostia





Whilst studying Ancient Rome, we looked at The Thieves of Ostia, the first story in the 'Roman Mysteries' series by Caroline Lawrence. We looked at many different aspects of Roman culture and wrote different pieces of work centred around the book. This ranged from writing from characters' points of view, writing persuasively about what the punishment of the perpetrator should be and we even wrote our own scrolls (chapters) based on Lawrence's 'plot beats'. Please have a look at a range of the different pieces of writing below.








Narrative Writing



Sycamore Class began the Year looking at descriptive writing and applied this to Bastille's famous song Pompeii. This was an ideal start to the year as during our topic lessons, we looked at Pompeii and the story behind the Roman settlement. During English lessons, we looked at different ways to write descriptively and applied this to retell the story of the music video (link below). Look at some of the fantastic writing that was produced.